Why do we need a new Pact? Because the current state of cooperation between States is not satisfactory and to tackle global challenges, global warming, loss of biodiversity, pandemics and the return of extreme poverty, the solutions can only be global.
On 22 and 23 June 2023, there will be a meeting in Paris between all those who believe that solutions exist and that dialogue and solidarity are our greatest weapons to prevent division in the world, and having to decide between the fight against poverty and saving the planet.
If the financing is to meet those challenges, we need both a change of scale and of method, and to organize a green transition that is just. In practical terms, this means:
  • restoring trust between partners by addressing emergencies: the crippling debt of most countries in the global South, releasing the resources already promised (100 billion for the climate and 100 billion for the transfer of SDRs);
  • mobilizing more private sector resources, by creating conditions for massive financing;
  • unblocking innovative financing to avoid penalizing countries that do not have their own resources, thereby increasing concessionary resources available.
The Paris Pact is an international event to which all key actors are invited:
  • some hundred States and more than 30 international organizations;
  • 70 private sector partners and the main philanthropists;
  • more than 100 Heads of State and Government invited;
  • more than 120 NGOs.
Over the two days, there will be:
  • 6 very-high-level round tables;
  • some fifty debates on the major challenges of the summit;
  • direct dialogue between Heads of State and Government, leaders of financial institutions and civil society representatives;
  • tangible initiatives by prominent investors.